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Tips for moms on teen deodorant/antiperspirant.

When to expect your daughter to want girl deodorant.


Your daughter is ready to start wearing antiperspirant. Here are some ways you can help.

What to Expect

When your daughter hits puberty, she’s going to experience a lot of changes that are confusing to her. She’ll have questions about periods, shaving her legs, underarm hair, boys, sweating…and much more! Learn more about sweating through puberty and your daughter’s changing body.

It’s important to not only be prepared to talk with her about the changes she’s experiencing, but also to be proactive. She may be hesitant to bring it up, but will likely be relieved if you come to her.

Find out the best way to talk girl deodorant with your teen.


So you’re armed with answers for your daughter, but don’t know where to start. We know it can be just as uncomfortable for moms as it is for daughters to bring this stuff up.

Set aside some one-on-one time, but keep it casual. You might start by talking about your own experiences. This will reassure her that she’s not the only one going through this.

You can also direct her to, a place for girls, by girls, where they can learn and share about the changes they're experiencing.

Scent Expressions are a great girl deodorant for teens.


There are a lot of different products, so how do you choose which one is right for your daughter?

Scent Expressions are a great option for girls. With 10 unique scents to choose from, she’ll have fun picking the sparkly one that fits her personality. Plus, our Scent Expressions body splashes are a great way for her to get even more fun scents without going to perfume.

Excessive Sweating

If your daughter suffers from excessive sweating, she may be too embarrassed to talk to you about it. By addressing the subject head-on, you give her the opportunity to open up and let her know there is help available. WebMD explains some common causes and cures.

What Can You Do?

This excessive sweating can cause your daughter anxiety and depression. She may isolate herself, avoiding activities she previously enjoyed, in an effort to prevent embarrassment and teasing, so it’s really important to give her emotional support. Take some time to learn more about excessive sweating before you talk with her.Here are some symptoms of excessive sweating and ways to cope with it.

Talking to Her

Once you know the facts, sit down with her and let her know that you understand what she’s going through. Let her know she’s not alone and that you’re going to help her tackle this problem. Share what you’ve learned, ask questions about how it’s affecting her, and let her know there are ways to get it under control.

Secret Clinical Strength will give her the clinically proven prescription strength wetness protection she needs without the prescription. All she has to do is apply it at night and she’ll be protected for the entire next day. In fact, it lasts at least 24 hours. So even if she showers the next morning, she’s got wetness protection.

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